MyAARPMedicare is a website that provides health insurance information for Americans age 50 and older who want to learn more about the plan before enrolling or re-enrolling.


MyAARPMedicare Login was created by the Health Care Information Center, a non-profit organization that provides consumers with information about health insurance and other related services.


MyAARPMedicare – FAQ

What is MyAARPMedicare.com?

This is an easy-to-use online payment tool for AARP MedicareRx plans that will automatically reduce your monthly premium amount. This allows you to pay less each month, and that amount is used directly to lower your plan premium if you opt for certain services, such as dental and vision care.

However, this does not apply to expenses such as deductibles, etc. The savings credit can also be used to pay for other insured items that are not included in the plan or that are received directly as part of the reimbursement.

Are there any costs associated with using MyAARPMedicare?

No, it is free to use this tool to find available health insurance in your area or simply pay your monthly premium. The amount is used directly to lower your premium if you opt for certain services such as dental and vision care, but not for expenses such as deductibles, etc.

Why do they ask for my address when I am looking for health insurance?

Medicare needs this information so it can see if someone else has already bought the AARP MedicareRx plan from another insurer. You can see all the rates available for people over 65 and under 65 by age and gender at various insurance companies.

How many packages do I have available?

It depends on your age and gender, so you can see the different plans in the table below after typing the zip code in the search box above or clicking here.